Q: Regarding/ related to message posted before this one
  • i know that method mentioned in the message before would work for non card counters in CSM tables. But myQuestion is does card counting work for tables with CSM. because in tables with CSMs the dealer still has to put the cards bck into the shoe after everyfew hands and that may vary between dealers the number of hands they go through before putting the cards bck in. at most it would be about a deck of cards. AND secondly how do we know how many decks they hav inside the CSM's? THANKS ALL
  • card counting does _not_ work for CSM games. ASM yes. CSM no.

    don't play 'em...
  • Quickest way to determine number of decks in the CSM:
    Ask the dealer.
  • is that. fine with the casinos LEGAL? cuz i'm not sure. thx.
  • Why would it matter? Would not matter whether there were 4 decks in a CSM or 400. The game is unbeatable by card counting, so who would care???
  • if we remember the cards that are dealt which havn't been put bck into the suffler yet would that give us more edge over the house?
  • more edge? Yes. But _not_ enough to make the game break-even, much less beatable...

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