** Very Cool Blackjack strategy **
  • Yesterday I won $58 and just 20 min. ago i won $45 using a blackjack strategy I bought online. It seems to be working fine to me as of today. I just wanted to share my experience. Here is where I got it from:


  • I smell some BS in here and the BS I'm referring to doesn't stand for Basic Strategy. I don' t know what he is selling (and I'm not about to pay to find out), but, I'd be more than skeptical of his claim that the average player will earn $100 per hour. If that were the case, then none of us should even be in this forum....we should all be in the online casino, using his strategy and making $100 an hour.

    Let's do the math...

    If you work 40 hours/week for 52 weeks (year), that would be 2080 hours.
    Now if you make $100/hour, that would be an annual income of $208,000!!! I know many people (myself included) that would quit their day job if they could make that kind of money just playing BlackJack online.

    Buy his BS if you want but be warned....
  • I'll take two!!
  • Always obvious when a first post claims absurd winnings, then links to a site to buy the method. Gimme a break and stop wasting my time and bandwidth. Credit for tryin' though.
  • I would just like to say that I learned Rhino's method 5 minutes ago and I am now fabulously wealthy beyond my wildest imagination. I will no longer be posting on this forum because I need every minute of my life to spend my bags of money.

    See ya suckers,

  • I actually do have a great BJ strategy that is guaranteed to save you money. Never pay for BJ strategy.
  • Well i just tell the truth, i really won that money using the strategy i bought, but i'm not so stupid to play blackjack for hours. so if people are making $100 an hour, they're betting like $5 a hand? hell that's what i'm betting and i just play for 15 or 20 min. max. by the way... i just won $35 more! :lol: I recovered my initial investment quickly.

    so for those of you who didn't cath the link, here it is:
  • by the way, my winnings aren't absurd. it's not like i won $10,000.......
  • Rhino or Hippo.......
    You are full of BS..... I am 65 years old and have been a computer programmer from the age of 26 and on........ I know how computers work and I also know that the on-line casinos have a random number generator running to create the illusion of shuffling cards. There may be a pattern but I am sure if they have any brains at all the algorythmn will be so great nobody can follow any type of pattern....... I don't think you will get the $40.00 you are asking for you e-book....

    Wait until I finish my booklet and you will be able to buy it at the grocery store for under $3.00.... You know those little books at the top of the racks for astrology etc....

    Uncle Norm....
  • Technically,
    the "Random Number Generators" are known as Psuedo-Random Number Generators because they are Non-Randomly Programmed (i.e., "rigged")
    to Act and React according to their Specifically Designed Algorithm (which is anything but Random)...
    This Guarantees the Online Casinos an exact minimum Profit Margin,
    and Protects them from any Big Losses...
    Also, as soon as you start Betting $10.00 or higher Online,
    you quickly start Losing most of your Bets.
  • LeonShuffle said:
    I would just like to say that I learned Rhino's method 5 minutes ago and I am now fabulously wealthy beyond my wildest imagination. I will no longer be posting on this forum because I need every minute of my life to spend my bags of money.


    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Another key to that algorithm is the "learning curve" it has. One's best shot at making $ is on the FIRST login and play session. Many folks I've spoken with that claim to know something about this, consider the best attack against the program is to bet 2,3,4,6,8... increasing upon a win and re-starting at 2 with any loss. Win lose or tie the 8 bet and 2 is the next bet.

    If you make money, let'em keep the bonus, and pull out the deposit and the winnings.

    After the first session, the program will bag the money.

    Beware of any o/l casino that charges $$$ to send you your money... they took it for free, they can send it back for free.

  • If the casinos are based in the US (which they probably aren't), I have to assume that there are laws against a psuedo-random-number generator being used. In general, though, if the casinos advertise that they use RNG's or actually shuffle cards, they would be asking for a heap of legal trouble if they were really fixed.

    Of course, proving they are fixed is another matter.
  • there really is no such thing as a "fully-random-number-generator" in a computer. _ALL_ random numbers are "pseudo-random". That is, given the same starting key, they will produce the same identical string of random numbers every time. The numbers can be completely uniform, they may pass every random number test known to man, but they are still not random, since knowing the starting key fixes the entire string.

    That's why all RNGs in computer-land are called "pseudo-random"... There's just no way to do otherwise...

    Even Einstein said "nothing in the universe is truly random..."
  • Yes, of course; but the implication was that these number generators were rigged to make sure the house has an edge. To the extent that comment was just meant to indicate that it prevents card counting and thus the casino has the edge, I agree. I took it to mean, though, that the casino somehow ensures that it wins a certain percentage of hands (a part from the usual house edge at BJ).

    In other news, though, I seem to remember reading that you could make a random number based on . . . what was it . . . maybe the position of an atom -- or the decay rate -- something like that. It brought in chaos theory and the likes.
  • this "rigging" is actually the case for most online casinos. If you look at the software advertisements for the casino software most are using, you will see "you can set your own hold percentage"..

    That's not a "fair game". Because it tunes out a lot of variance to prevent an online casino from taking a long losing hit that would naturally occur in a fairly dealt game. In real BJ, the "hold" is a function of cards being dealt and rules being used. In many of these games, the rules being used have nothing to do with anything. You are just going to lose 5% of your bets (or whatever they choose) even though you "think" you are playing a -.5% EV game...
  • Funky:

    As far as I know, there are NO u.s. based o/l casinos. Most are in the Carib., Central or South Am. Maybe England.

    I also took it that "protecting the House" was what was implied. I also think that is the case. This would play out more like a secondary pay-out program in a slot machine that in effect "drops" say 2% of all coins entered IN ADDITION TO the payout schedule (that might be say 95%). So the player really gets 98% of 95% instead of the 95% legally posted.

    This sort of thing is illegal in US casinos.... but... in a Native American Casino, all bets are off due to NOT being located on US soil. CAVEAT EMPTOR !

    Rat hits the nail on the head !

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