last night's story
  • Last night I goto my local casino. I commonly go twice a month but this month since I am moving I have taken 3 trips there already.

    Chumash Casino, Santa ynez California.
    ASM's, 6 decks, Fair penetration - about 1.75 - 2.0 decks, split up to 4 including aces, Double after splits, play up to 3 hands at a table, min bet on extra hands =ok, hit soft 17.

    I play a very tight basic strat game keeping a side count of aces when playing by myself (I always play 2 hands at an empty table).

    Last night I went to waste some time because I have a laptop and a sleeping bag left in my house, moving to Virginia Beach on Monday 14 nov. I played poker for about 4 hours and then just wasnt getting anywhere so I went out and i played some blackjack. won 200 from 40 dollars at a 10 dollar table and then the other folks screwed it up.

    so I followed a dealer and went to a 3 card poker table just to have some fun. after breaking even I hit a 25 dollar table and played 2 hands. most of the time I won both hands but I did go through a lot of win/loss hands resulting in a basic push. after being up about 600 dollars on this table some guy showed up. nothing changed in the cards I dropped to 1 hand but the basic strat changed, and we started loosing.

    I commonly WILL hit a 13 vs. 4 or 12 vs. 4 when playing solo - about 30% of the time I will pull a card that makes the dealers hand, which results in myself loseing 1 or both hands. I would say that 10% of the time the hand that I did hit would bust and 60% of the time the card that I pulled didnt matter because the dealer would have had the same result.

    after this other guy cut the deck we consistantly started loosing then he left and I was left with a crappy shoe - I didnt cut my losses and I ended up loosing over 600 dollars at this table but only 100 was from my own pocket.

    its too bad that the dealer was one of the ones that I dont play with often or tip much, because I could have gotten her to burn a card : (
  • When my book is ready I'll send it to you free..... "UncleNorm"

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