My new book...
  • Hi:

    I am in the process of writting a new book on how to really win at blackjack. How do I get it published..????

    Uncle Norm.....
  • Hi can usually find some low priced self-publishers if you search on

    I am interested in what you are writing,
    and what is your MOST Effective and Successful Strategy on how to "Really Win at Blackjack"...thanx a Million mate...

    Mine is what I call "The Delayed and Limited Progression"...
    I Bet the Table Minimum until I LOSE 3 HANDS in a Row/Dealer WINS 3 HANDS in a Row,
    then AFTER that,
    I Raise my BET for up to the next 4 HANDS,
    until I WIN 1 HAND/Dealer BUSTS,
    then I go right back to the Table Minimum,
    and Start over again...
    It works best in the Double Deck/Dealer Stand on 17 Tables...
    see you at Pauma...

    The MOST common DD PATTERN I see
    is the Dealers usually BUST 1 in every 4 HANDS = 25% of the Time,
    and almost always 1 in every 7 HANDS...

    Have you Read "The Most Powerful Blackjack Manual" by Jay Moore???...

    He's at :
  • Quote from Arnold Snyder in Blackbelt in Blackjack Book/2005 Edition,
    "If you play by the book,
    you'll never make it as a pro.
    You've got to write your own book,
    and then, whatever you do,
    don't publish it!"(page 284).
  • Just out of curiosity, could someone do a computer analysis of Surfteq's progressive betting system?
  • Hi Norm :wink:

    Though I usually test the various progressive betting systems that I get by manually playing them on Casino V

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