• I will probably get a lot of flack from all you card counters, but Forget card counting and some of the other study intensive methods. Besides, card counters are easily detected and not very welcome in Vegas or any other gambling venue. In fact, if you are identified as a card counter, you may be asked to leave the Casino. Also, the Casinos have introduced 4, 6 and 8 deck “shoes”, out of which they only deal about half to two thirds of the cards. This completely negates the meek advantage of 0.8% a card counter has over the house. Also, during a recent annual gambling exposition in Las Vegas, an astounding array of new equipment was demonstrated to defeat the card counter, such as shuffling devices (CSM’s) that are able to shuffle an 8 deck shoe after every hand dealt, which is already implemented at some of the strip casinos. Playing chips that have electronic microchips embedded as well as electronic devices that are able to count card values as they are removed from the shoe
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